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Who we are

At Club Fetch, we are dedicated to putting your pup first when you schedule a service with us. Established in 2013, owners Blaire Bryant and Jules Bryant have dedicated their lives to providing the best in dog boarding and doggy day camp services for your beloved canines. Blaire and Jules have  used their passion for animals to provide you with a unique line of dog services from luxury dog boarding to dog grooming & doggie day care services.

All Doggie Concierge employees at Club Fetch have been carefully selected based on one important standard: the love of dogs. Each Doggie Concierge always has the safety and care of your furry family member in mind. Club Fetch Doggie Concierge are passionate, professional and caring. Doggie Concierge Managers are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR to ensure the safety and health of your furry friend. Read more about our friendly and caring staff below. Call Club Fetch to schedule your own service today!


Blaire Bryant - Doggie Concierge

                       Blaire and his pal Winston.

                       Blaire and his pal Winston.

Blaire is a native of North Carolina and has called Charlotte home since 2008. He is a graduate of East Carolina University and has spent most of his career in Marketing and Management. He recently has stepped away from a career in Business Development to pursue his passion of animals full time.

Blaire has been an animal lover since his first companion "Juice," a beagle that he got when he was just one year old. The name Juice was given due to it being Blaire's first word and he called everything juice. Blaire is known to create a bond with most any pet immediately and has turned some of the grumpiest companions to friends very quickly.

Blaire's best friend is his Boston Terrier Jackson that is proud to be Club Fetch's mascot.

"I love what we have built here at Club Fetch! We have a staff that is filled with love for each and every pet who visits. Each staff member works diligently to ensure the safety and fun for each attendee."

Julia Peterson Bryant - Doggie Concierge

                       Jules and her pal, Winston. 

                       Jules and her pal, Winston. 

Julia is a native of Connecticut and moved here in August of 2013. She is a hair stylist by trade, but her love for animals has brought her to Club Fetch. She has always had a special bond with cats and dogs. She has been surrounded by cats and dogs since she was 3 years old. She grew up with 4 poodles named Taffy, Mandy, Missy and Tootsie. She now has 2 pups, a Boston Terrier named Jackson (Club Fetch's mascot) and Abbey, a Labradoodle.

She says her favorite part of Club Fetch is, " having the opportunity to have a career working with sweet puppies every day! I am truly blessed!" 


Kelsey McCann- Doggie Concierge

               Kelsey and her pal Bojangles.

               Kelsey and her pal Bojangles.

Kelsey McCann is a native of the Massachusetts area, but has called North Carolina home for most of her life. Her background ranges from a golf course attendant a hair stylist. Kelsey has five fur babies at home and  has always had a special place in heart for all animals. Kelsey loves to spend time in all of the play areas as her love is equal for pups large and small. Kelsey's favorite part of working at Club Fetch is the opportunity to interact with pups of all sizes and energy levels and the unconditional love they share with her everyday. 


Alannah Wagner - Doggie Concierge

             Alannah and her pal Archer.

             Alannah and her pal Archer.

Alannah is originally from New York and has called NC home for most of her life. Alannah has an infectious love for dogs that has been obvious since her first dog Brownie when she was 3 years old. Her favorite part of being at Club Fetch is having a career that allows her to spend all day with pups! 

Dario White - Doggie Stylist

                  Dario and his friend Charlie. 

                  Dario and his friend Charlie. 

Dario has been a doggie stylist for the past 15 years and his passion for what he does that is truly contagious! At the age of 12 he knew that this was his passion and he has been hooked ever since. Dario has been a instructor for the past five years of his career and loves to teach his expertise to others. Dario looks forward each and every day to making new relationships with his furry friends and there parents.  

Chloe Rothenberg - Doggie Concierge

Carrington Breckenridge- Doggie Concierge

Marilyn Burns - Doggie Concierge

Alex Goodwin - Doggie Concierge

Alyssa Deakins - Doggie Concierge

Monty Makarow - Doggie Concierge

Aisha Voges - Doggie Concierge

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