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Application Form for Club Fetch 

Before Continuing with this Application:

Our goal is to provide a safe, sanitary and fun environment for each pup entrusted in our care. For us to be able to ensure that we provide that environment we rely on your honest representation of your pups personality and history around other pups and people. We do not provide social therapy or training at Club Fetch, so when we do an evaluation we have to make our decision based on a multitude of signs that the pup is showing while in our environment. We can promise you we love all pups and would in a heartbeat take them home and cuddle with them all night. Unfortunately, sometimes a daycare or social environment is not a good match for every pups personality. You can be assured that we will communicate accurately if we see signs that a pup is not enjoying or could be a risk in our environment. We ask that you enter into this process with an open mind and realize that the result of the evaluation is done with the best interest of your pup, our current guests and and staff in mind. If you agree that the above statements meet your expectations for you and your pup please continue with the application below.  

Please complete this form, submit it and a Club Fetch representative will contact you shortly. Please make sure to fill out all starred boxes. If it is not applicable, please put N/A in that field. The application will not submit unless the starred boxes are completed. Please note that Free evaluation days are only offered on Mondays. Remember we rely on you to be honest on this application, so please answer these questions honestly for the safety of your pup and the other members of the Club Fetch Family. 

Name *
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Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
Additional Owner Cell Phone
Additional Owner Cell Phone
What distinguishing features does your pup have. Ie: hair color, size, markings, etc...
Please provide an estimated weight of your pup.
Spayed/Neutered *
If you pet has an ID chip, please enter the ID code.
Please provide the name of the animal clinic where we can verify your pups vaccinations.
Vaccinations *
We require that your pup be up to date on all of the following vaccinations. Please check below that all are up to date. We require that proof be faxed over from your veterinarian. Puppies must have completed all vaccines for all of the following. If there is a stage of vaccines that are complete but the series is not complete they can not enter until the entire booster series is complete.
Veterinarian's Phone Number *
Veterinarian's Phone Number
Veterinarian's Address
Veterinarian's Address
Emergency Contact (other than owner) Name: *
Emergency Contact (other than owner) Name:
Please enter the name of an emergency contact, other than the owner
Emergency Contact Cell Phone *
Emergency Contact Cell Phone
How did your hear about us *
Referral Name
Referral Name
Who referred you to Club Fetch?
Have you ever used Doggie Day/Overnight Boarding Services? *
Please list the names of previous services used
Daycare and Boarding Requirements *
Must check each to ensure ability to come for an evaluation. Please be honest here for your pups safety and the members of the Club Fetch Family.
NOTE: If your dog is anxious, anti-social or doesn't usually play well with others, fun and play is what we concentrate on so this environment will not be a good fit.
Mounting other Pups (This behavior typically leads to disagreements, which are not good for the social environment) Negative Body Language: Scruff up, tail tucked, showing teeth, growling, lunging, stiff and uncomfortable.) Rough Play: Play bitting, pinning down other pups or excessively mounting.) Snapping and not patient with other pups Cowering from interaction with people and/or dogs
Please describe
If yes, please describe the circumstances
Can you take a food item away from your dog without him / her growling? *
Are there any areas on your dogs body where he/she does not like to be touched? *
Has your dog ever socialized with a large group of dogs? *
Describe Your Dogs Personality
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Describe Your Dogs Activity Level
Medications? *
Does your dog engage in any unusual or repetitive behaviors?
Has your dog been in good health in the last 30 days? *
At feeding time how does your dog eat?
Before you board checklist
✓ proof of vaccinations: have been faxed or emailed to us from your vet before your pets stay ✓ Medications: are labeled and come with clear instructions ✓ Collar: your pet is wearing his flat collar.(training collars will be removed during boarding) ✓ leash: required to have on hand during boarding ✓ food: when bringing food, each meal is pre packaged and labeled. ✓ bedding: is provided but any additional blankets are welcome. Bedding is clean, labeled and easily laundered. (no bulky heavy beds accepted) ✓ toys: are labeled with your pets name. NO RAWHIDES, BONES OR ROPES for safety please!
When would you like to schedule your dogs evaluation? *
When would you like to schedule your dogs evaluation?
Please note that free evaluation days are only offered on Mondays.
1. I understand that Club Fetch has relied upon my representation that my dog is in good health and has not injured or shown aggression or threatening behavior to any person or dog in admitting my dog for services at their facility. I certify that my dog has not had any communicable disease within the last 30 days and suffers no disability or condition that could affect his/her visit. I agree to remain in compliance with all Club Fetch guidelines, including up-to-date vaccinations. I understand that Club Fetch staff relies on the information provided by me, concerning my dog(s) past history of disease, injury, or aggressive behavior towards humans or other animals, in order to provide the safest possible environment for my dog(s). 2. I understand that their owners, staff, partners, and volunteers, will not be liable, financially or otherwise, for injuries to my dog, me or any property of mine while my dog is participating in services provided by Club Fetch. I hereby accept full responsibility and financial liability for any harm or damage whatsoever caused by my dog while in the care and custody of any Club Fetch employee or owner, whether in the facility or in any public or private setting, only as deemed necessary by the owners of Club Fetch. 3. I understand and agree that any problems with my dog, behavioral, medical or otherwise will be treated as deemed best by the owners and employees of Club Fetch in their sole discretion, and in what they view as the best interest of the animal. I understand that there are inherent risks of injury, illness or death in an environment with live animals. I further understand that even in the most controlled environments and well-supervised circumstances, there may be daycare incidents and unpredictable behavior that could result in injury to my dog. After considering these factors, I have decided that the risk associated with placing my dog(s) in a group setting with other dogs is outweighed by the benefits of socialization, exercise and stimulation derived by my dog(s). 4. I understand that there is stress involved for a dog in a grooming, daycare, or boarding visit, and some, especially senior dogs, are more prone to problems as a result. I authorize the staff and owners of Club Fetch to make any decision they see proper in the event of an injury or emergency with my dog. Club Fetch staff reserves the right to administer care and/or seek veterinary care in an emergency, and I agree to pay any resulting veterinary bills and an emergency transport fee from Club Fetch. I agree not to hold responsible, financially or otherwise, any Club Fetch staff member or owner for any resulting injury, illness, or death to my dog while in the care or custody of Club Fetch staff. 5. I desire a socialized environment for my dog while attending services provided by Club Fetch and while in their care. I understand that while the socialization and play is closely and carefully monitored by Club Fetch staff to prevent injury, it is still possible that during the course of normal play my dog may receive minor nicks and scratches from roughhousing with other dogs. Any injuries to my dog will be pointed out by staff upon pick-up. 6. I understand by allowing my dog to participate in services offered by Club Fetch I hereby agree to allow Club Fetch to take photographs or use images of my pet in print form or otherwise for publication and/or promotion. 7. I understand that if my dog is not picked up on time or by a date specified in a separate agreement I hereby authorize Club Fetch to take whatever action is deemed necessary for the continuing care of my dog. I will pay the cost of any such continuing care upon demand by Club Fetch. I understand that if I do not pick up my animal, Club Fetch will proceed according to the guidelines provided by NC Department of Agriculture abandonment of animals by owner; procedure for handling. I also acknowledge that I will be fully responsible for all attorneys' fees and associated costs if I abandon my dog. I have read this contract, and agree to remain in full compliance with all assertions stated above. I agree to remain in compliance with all policies and decision of the staff and owners of Club Fetch, and to pay any fees deemed necessary by the owners of Club Fetch for the required care of my dog(s) during any visit or service. PLEASE TYPE YOUR NAME IN THE BELOW BOX TO ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
I agree to the above terms and conditions *
Accept the above terms and conditions by checking the below box.





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