Club Fetch's Doggy Day Care frequently asked questions


  • What do I need to do to get my pup scheduled for an evaluation?

Fill out an application at After we receive your application, we will verify that your pup is up to date on all required vaccines and has been spayed/neutered if over the age of 6 months.

  • What vaccinations do you require?

We require up to date Bordatella, Distemper/Parvo and Rabies vaccinations. If these are not up to date, your pup will not be able to enter for the safety of themselves and the safety of the other dogs at our facility. Documentation must be provided. 

  • How old must my pup be to enter Club Fetch?

Your pup must be at least 6 months old to be enrolled at Club Fetch. We also require that you provide documentation of all required vaccines, and that your pup must spayed or neutered to be an attendee at Club Fetch. There are no exceptions to these rules. 

  • When can I schedule my pups evaluation?

We schedule evaluations on Mondays only. We require pups check in on the day of there evaluation form 7 AM to 9AM .

  • How long Does the evaluation Take?

At Club Fetch, our dog evaluation is a free, full day of play where we evaluate your pup to make sure that they not only get along with the other dogs at our daycare, but also to ensure that their time spent with us is enjoyable and fun. 

  • What is the earliest time I can drop off my pup?

We do our best to accommodate the busy schedules of our clients. We are open Monday - Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM and Saturday & Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM. We do offer checkins at 6:30AM on weekdays only. These must be scheduled 24 hours ahead of time..  There are no early checkins offered on Saturdays or Sundays. You are more than welcome to drop off your pup anytime during our business hours unless you are being worked in on a day where a later check in time is required. Ie: We schedule you for a drop off on a day where we are booked and we schedule you based on checking in after a checkout. 

  • Do you have online cameras so that I can view my pups playtime?

We have HD security cameras throughout our facility to monitor playtimes and all other areas where your pup will be during their stay with us. We provide an environment where you pup can safely interact with other pups and receive the BEST care possible when they are at Club Fetch. At this time these cameras are for our review only, so that we can ensure quality control. We provide full visibility into our facility at any time during business hours through guided tours. We truly believe that for you to be productive during your day and truly enjoy your time away, you must trust your gut feeling when leaving your pup in someone else's care. We post daily pics to our social media outlets so that you can see their cute faces! 

  • If I purchase a package do the visits expire?

Life happens, things are unpredictable. Because of this, Club Fetch has no expiration dates with our daycare visits. Feel free to use your doggy daycare visits whenever you'd like - they will never expire!

  • If I move can I get a refund on the remaining visits?

Yes, we will refund the remaining balance minus a 10% processing fee.

  • If my dog is involved in altercation or bites/injures another dog and cannot return due to their behavior, can I have my remaining days refunded?

While we do our best to provide a safe environment for all of our dogs, there are times when pups can be unpredictable and lash out at another pup. In this case if it is deemed unsafe for your pup to return we will refund the remaining visits after vet costs are deducted from the remaining balance. 

  • I am boarding my pup and I am wondering what I need to bring?

Club Fetch requires that you bring your own food, pre-packaged by meal, in a zip lock bag. We will accept food if it is not brought in pre-packaged, but there will be a $5 per day charge added to your invoice to bag meals for your pup. If you do not bring your own food, we will provide a chicken vegetable dry dog food at $5 per meal.

You may bring anything that you think will make your pup more comfortable during their stay at Club Fetch. Our kennels are 6 ft deep, 6 ft tall and 3 ft wide, so please make sure that what you bring can fit into our kennels. 

  • I am boarding over a Holiday, is there a required length of nights?

Yes, we  require a two night minimum stay during any holiday boarding.

  • If I give my own vaccinations to my dog, is that okay?

To ensure the safety of all of our guests at Club Fetch, we require that all vaccinations be given by a licensed veterinarian. We do not accept dogs that are given at home vaccinations. 

  • My pup has been sick and I am wondering if it is ok to bring him in for daycare or boarding?

We require that if your pup has been sick that you have them cleared with their veterinarian before bringing them in for daycare or boarding. We want to provide each pup with a safe and healthy environment to play in. 

  • Are there risks associated with having my pup socialize with other dogs?

Anytime your pup interacts with other pups, there are potential risks. We require that all pups pass personality assessments to ensure that they are good candidates to interact with other pups as well as our staff. Even after this, some pups have a bad day and may have disagreements with other pups that come to play each day. If your pup is involved in a disagreement, they could be asked not to come back until they are seen by one of our trainers to deem if their return to this environment is safe for them and  others they come in contact with. 

Pups are just like us and come in contact with germs on a daily basis. We at Club Fetch take cleaning and providing a safe environment extremely serious and go above & beyond any regulations to make sure your pup has the safest and cleanest environment to interact in. Just like your office or place of employment, sometimes someone comes in who is sick. If someone is showing signs and doesn't feel well, then they will typically stay home so that they can feel better and not spread their sickness to others. We ask the same of all of our dog parents here. In the case that your pup comes in sick, we will send them home. Despite our diligence on preventing the spread of any illness, sometimes there are no visible signs of a cold and sick pups can still infect other dogs with their cold. Though rare, this is a risk of interacting your pup with other pups and is not the fault of anyone. 

  • I've heard about the Canine Influenza (Dog Flu) spreading to SC & NC. What should I know about this?

We have consulted trusted veterinarians in the area who have confirmed that cases have been recently reported in Asheville, NC. Know that we take all precautions possible to ensure that your pup has the cleanest and safest possible environment to have fun with their friends. The following link from the CDC will provide you the information for what signs to look for and the facts about Canine Influenza (Dog Flu):

  • What is the Doggy Oral papilloma Virus? 

Canine oral papillomas, aka oral warts, are small, benign tumors of the mouth caused by the papilloma virus. These can be found on the lips, gums,mouth, and rarely can also be located on other mucous membranes in the mouth. Canine oral papillomas usually affect young dogs, under the age of 2. Here is a link that describes symptoms:

  • How long do you keep application information on file?

We keep information of our active pups on file for 9 months after their last visit. If it has been more than 9 months since your dog's last visit, a new application will need to be submitted. 





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