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GReat News! You can now schedule all boardings from your online portal where you can CREATE, make changes to, and manage your pups calendar all from your phone or computer :)


All boarding RESERVATIONS for all Holiday appointments for new customers require a 50% nonrefundable deposit. If the reservation is made within a week of the holiday it requires a full payment up front and is nonrefundable. For Deposits PLease email us at and we will send you an invoice to pay securely online. 



no pickups or drop offs are available on the following days: (Unless otherwise noted)

  • New Years Day (Open from 12PM to 5:30PM for Checkouts only)

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Sunday

  • Sunday Of Memorial Day Weekend

  • Memorial Day (Open for pickups from (12PM to 5:30PM)

  • July 3rd

  • July 4th (Open for pickups from (12Pm to 5:30P)

  • Sunday before labor day

  • Labor Day (Open for pickups from (12PM to 5:30PM)

  • Day before Thanksgiving (Open Normal Hours for Boarding check ins only)

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • The day after Thanksgiving

  • Day before Christmas Eve (Open Normal Hours for Boarding check ins only)

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

  • The day after Christmas (Open for pickups from (12PM to 5:30PM) 

  • New Years Eve


Not every dog is comfortable being away from their owners for an extended period of time, and many canines suffer from separation anxiety. There are a several tips and tricks you can consider when preparing your dog emotionally for overnight stays at our pet boarding facilities:

  • Consider a boarding trial. By testing out our facilities for at least 24 hours, you are familiarizing your dog with the new space and making them more comfortable for a longer stay down the road.

  • Adjust your dog’s sleeping habits. If your dog is used to sleeping with you or is permitted to roam freely throughout the house, they will undoubtedly be uncomfortable staying in an overnight kennel. Work with them in advance to make them comfortable sleeping alone.

  • Comfort them with familiar objects. Bringing toys, rugs, or an article of your clothing are all ways to keep your dog comfortable in their overnight kennels.

  • Bring them in early. Give your dog a chance to familiarize itself with the smells, sounds, and other guests of our facility. This gives them an entire day to adjust and make them more comfortable at night.

  • Keep us informed. If you know your dog suffers from separation anxiety, tell us in advance! We can take special measures to ensure they feel safe and secure in our dog boarding facilities.

  • Get in some exercise before you leave. Walking, playing, and any other type of movement can help expend energy and keep your dog calm when it arrives at our facilities.

 Dog boarding can be a stressful time for your furry friend; that’s why we want to give you the advice necessary to ensure your pup is well taken care of and feels comfortable in a new environment outside of your home.

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