Anxiety in Dogs During Halloween Season

Did you know just like humans, dogs can experience anxiety, too? Owning a dog can be one of the best parts about your life, but sometimes your furry friend may have trouble dealing with stress and become anxious. Anxiety can affect all breeds of dogs and may affect each dog differently. If anxiety issues are left untreated, it can lead to behavioral and other issues.

Holidays can be especially triggering for animals. During Christmas and Thanksgiving, your house may be filled with unfamiliar faces. During the 4th of July, fireworks may scare your dog. Just like these holidays may give your dog anxiety, Halloween has also been known to give pets anxiety. From strange noises and costumers, your dog may become very anxious. Each dog may display their anxiety in different ways. Some symptoms of anxiety in dogs include:

Bathroom Accidents

Most adult dogs are trained to use the bathroom in designated areas. An anxious dog may have accidents and end up going to the bathroom wherever they are. Most of the time your dog will become embarrassed. It’s important to understand anxiety makes your dog have bathroom accidents so you do not have negative reaction, which could make your dog’s anxiety worse.

Destructive Behavior

Damage to your house near windows or doors and trashing certain rooms are common behaviors with dogs who experience anxiety. Destruction is caused from pent up energy and fear. Halloween can be triggering, especially the unusual noises.


Doorbells ringing. Children screaming “Trick or Treat!”. These things can easily scare your dog making them want to run off to a safer space. Even friendly dogs might get scared and want to be in a quiet spot. Create a safe spot for your dog to run off to, but try to make it a place where you can get to them as this will be easier for you to help them deal with their anxiety.

Changes in Appetite

Usually a loss of appetite occurs when your dog becomes anxious because their anxiety may upset their stomach.

How to Help

To make your dog feel more comfortable during Halloween, you can:

  • Use a leash to prevent your dog from running off when the door opens

  • Use a crate to keep you dog feeling comfortable in a safe space while preventing them from getting loose

  • Minimize costumes on the dog and with others in the house

  • Reduce noise

  • Turn on the TV to drown out noises

At Club Fetch LLC, we offer dog sitting and boarding services in Charlotte, NC. If your dog is prone to anxiety and unusual behavior during this time of year, we can help. Contact us today for more information about our boarding services.