Application for Evaluation Day

Before Continuing with this Application:

Our goal is to provide a safe, sanitary, and fun environment for every pup in our care! To ensure that we provide that environment, we rely on your honest representation of your pup’s personality and history. Club Fetch does not provide social therapy or training. Therefore, we will perform an evaluation on how your pup does in a social environment. Club Fetch is happy to offer FREE evaluation on Mondays. During an evaluation, we will review a multitude of signs that the pup shows in our environment. Unfortunately, daycare and social environments are not always a good match for some pups’ personalities. However, you can be assured that we will communicate accurately if we see signs that a pup is not enjoying or could be a risk in this environment. We ask that you enter this process with an open mind and realize that the result of the evaluation is done with the best interest of your pup, our current guests, and staff in mind.

If you agree with the above statements and Club Fetch meets the expectations for you and your pup, please continue with the application below. Please complete this form in full, including all required fields. If a question is not applicable, put N/A in that field. After the form is submitted, a Club Fetch representative will contact you. Thank you for allowing Club Fetch the opportunity to work with you and your beloved pup!