Car Safety Tips for Your Dog

Traveling with your furry friend?  Whether you’re taking a short ride or a road trip, make sure your canine friend is properly cared for in your vehicle. Here’s some helpful tips that can help you keep your loved one safe:

1.       Safety First: While riding with your dog on your lap or in the passenger seat can be fun, it’s not the safest option for your pet. At any moment, anything could happen that could put you and your dog in harm’s way. When pets are in car accidents, they often suffer more trauma & injuries than their human counterparts because more often than not, they are not properly restrained. To help prevent injuries to your pet, you can use a seatbelt harness such as the Ruff Rider Canine Vehicle Restraint – great for pups of any size!

2.       Hot, Hot, Hot: Never leave your dog locked in a hot parked car. Even if you’re only running into a store for five minutes, temperatures can rise drastically in such a short amount of time causing heat stroke and even death. With how much information is available about this today, this is still unfortunately something that is all too common. It is especially more dangerous here down south where it is warm most of the year. Did you know that as of 2015, it is illegal to leave your pet in a parked car in 19 states – including North Carolina? If you can’t bring your dog with you wherever you may be going, it is best to leave him or her at home.

3.       Be Prepared: Pack a pet-friendly travel kit. Your kit can include things such as food & water bowls, grooming supplies, plastic bags, a leash, any medications and or a first aid kit. This comes in handy for those longer trips or road trips. You can never be too prepared!