Dog Boarding

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Luxury Dog Boarding in Charlotte, NC

At Club Fetch in Charlotte, NC we provide top-of-the-line, spacious, custom-designed aluminum frame suites with tempered glass fronts so your dogs have a full view of 50" TV's for evening movies. Each owner has the ability to come in and make their pup’s suite feel at home by bringing in personal effects such as blankets, toys, or anything else you believe will be necessary. Are you going out of town for a business trip or holiday and can’t bring your furry friend with you? We've got you covered! Our dog boarding services are top-quality and safe.

Maybe you only need services during the day while you're at work? Come and check out our fabulous Dog Daycare Program!


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Dog Boarding at Club Fetch


Before boarding your pets, make sure all vaccinations required are up to date. Club Fetch requires all pets to be up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Bortedella.

Request & Confirm Reservation

Setting up your online reservation is simple.  Visit our Customer Portal to create or log into your account and request services. Make sure your pets profile information is accurate and complete.

Pre-Bag Your Pets Food

Club Fetch requires that you bring your own food, pre-packaged by meal, in a zip lock bag. We will accept food if it is not brought in pre-packaged, but there will be a $5 per day charge added to your invoice to bag meals for your pup. If you do not bring your own food, we will provide a chicken vegetable dry dog food at $5 per meal.

Label Your Pets Belongings

You may bring anything that you think will make your pup more comfortable during their stay at Club Fetch. Our kennels are 6 ft deep, 6 ft tall and 3 ft wide, so please make sure that what you bring can fit into our kennels.

Drop Off & Pick Up Times

We are open Monday - Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM and Saturday & Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM. You are more than welcome to drop off your pup anytime during our business hours. We also offer check-ins at 6:30AM on weekdays only. These must be scheduled 24 hours ahead of time.

Holiday Bookings

Holiday bookings require a two night minimum stay and require a prepayment before you reservation is secure. Play areas for boarding pups are open 365 days a year.

How To Prepare Your Dog For Boarding at Club Fetch

Not every dog is comfortable being away from their owners for an extended period of time, and many canines suffer from separation anxiety. There are a several tips and tricks you can consider when preparing your dog emotionally for overnight stays at our pet boarding facilities:

  • Consider a boarding trial. By testing out our facilities for at least 24 hours, you are familiarizing your dog with the new space and making them more comfortable for a longer stay down the road.
  • Adjust your dog’s sleeping habits. If your dog is used to sleeping with you or is permitted to roam freely throughout the house, they will undoubtedly be uncomfortable staying in an overnight kennel. Work with them in advance to make them comfortable sleeping alone.
  • Comfort them with familiar objects. Bringing toys, rugs, or an article of your clothing are all ways to keep your dog comfortable in their overnight kennels.
  • Bring them in early. Give your dog a chance to familiarize itself with the smells, sounds, and other guests of our facility. This gives them an entire day to adjust and make them more comfortable at night.
  • Keep us informed. If you know your dog suffers from separation anxiety, tell us in advance! We can take special measures to ensure they feel safe and secure in our dog boarding facilities.
  • Get in some exercise before you leave. Walking, playing, and any other type of movement can help expend energy and keep your dog calm when they arrive at our facilities.

Dog boarding can be a stressful time for your furry friend; that’s why we want to give you the advice necessary to ensure your pup is well taken care of and feels comfortable in a new environment outside of your home. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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Rates and Requirements

All pups are required to have their food pre-bagged by meal. Any meals not pre-bagged will be charged a fee of $5 per meal. Pickups for overnight boarding are anytime before 1PM Monday through Friday and 6PM Saturday and Sunday. Any pick ups after 1PM Monday through Friday will be charged a $20 convenience fee. Pickups are allowed between 7PM and 7:15PM, but will be charged a convenience fee. After 7:15PM Monday through Friday and 6PM Saturday and Sunday your pup will be boarded at our nightly rate.

Holiday bookings require a two night minimum stay and require a prepayment before you reservation is secure. Play areas for boarding pups are open 365 days a year. Even as we are closed to the public on major holidays, we are always open for our boarding guests to have fun and get their daily exercise and socialization.

  • Kennels
    • Per night (Includes day care access) - $45
    • Per night for two pups in the same family - $80
    • Per night for three pups in the same family - $110
  • Suites
    • Suite - $75
    • Suite for 2 pups sharing - $125
    • Suite for 3 pups sharing - $155