Negatives of a Dog Not Getting the Proper Amount of Activity

Nothing is better after a long hard day at work, than coming home to a warm and affectionate greeting from your dog. After sitting at home all day with no exercise your pup is geared up for exercise and socialization. Chances are after a long day at the office and a trip to the gym you would like to just kick back and enjoy some calm time with your pup.

Your dog is like you, without enough exercise your pup runs the risk of developing health issues like obesity, heart disease and arthritis. Not only does your pup risk the physical issues previously stated, there also can be social issues that begin to develop.

When your pup becomes discontent and bored, their frustration could soon lead to the following:

1. Excessive Barking: This causes issues like frustrated neighbors, visits from animal control and possible eviction.

2. Chewing: This can lead to loss of important property costs into the hundreds and in extreme cases thousands of dollars. Examples of pups favorite things to chew: Shoes, clothing, furniture doors, carpets and molding trim.

3. Aggressive Tendencies: Leash agression and snappiness around people and other dogs can lead to embarrassing situations and in extreme cases financial repercussions for damages.

There are several options like dog parks, doggie daycares and professional dog walkers that can assist with helping your dog achieve exercise and socialization bliss. Tune in next week for helpful hints on selecting the best one of those for your pups!