Spring is Here: How to Create the Ultimate Dog-Friendly Backyard

Are you thinking of adding a new member to your family? Or perhaps you’re moving into a new home with your canine. Either way, you want to be prepared with a dog-friendly back or front yard so that they can roam freely and safely. Of course there are some tips that may be no brainers, such as a good and sturdy fence; then there are some that we may not think of. In addition to keeping your yard stocked with your dog’s favorite toys, we’ve come up with some basic and unique ideas that you can use to create a back yard paradise that your dog will fall in love with!

  • Safety First: You’re going to want a strong, sturdy fence that is both safe for your fur baby as well as children. Since dogs love to dig, you will want to make sure that it is installed deep enough so that they cannot dig a hole and slip underneath the fence. In addition to keeping your dogs within your yard, a good fence can also ensure that unwanted critters cannot get in.

o   Make it Unique: If your dog loves to people watch, consider installing a PetPeek Fence Window so that your pup can indulge on the scenery outside of the backyard. Bonus points: this can also distract your pup from digging along the fence.

  • Add Some Green: While most dogs don’t want fencing, you can make your yard more appealing by adding bushes and/or plants along your fence edges. This will provide a more natural environment for your dog and it will feel more like a free, open space rather than a boxed in area.

o   Do your Homework: Before you add any plants or shrubs, do your homework and make sure that you are not planting anything that is harmful or toxic to your pets. The ASPCA has a comprehensive list on what plants you should avoid for your yard and/or garden so that your pets are safe.

  • Keep It Cute: If you live in an area that is prone to snakes or other pests, regular lawn maintenance is a must. Keeping your lawn regularly mowed and free of clutter eliminates any hiding places for unwanted animals to reside in.
  • Made In The Shade: Give your pup a way to escape the sun on a hot summer’s day. Build or buy a shelter or dog house that your dog can retreat to when they don’t feel like sunbathing anymore. Whether you go with a dog house or a pergola, your dog will love the shady areas to relax in. Just like humans, dogs can overheat or get tired from being in the sun all day. This is especially true when it comes to dogs with longer/thicker coats, who can easily overheat when playing outside. This will also give them a sense of having their own space. If you have a puppy, ensure that whatever you do decide on will suit your loved one when they are a full grown dog.
  • Water, Water, Water: We all know that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Proper hydration is important for your dogs as well! Make sure to have a designated bowl where your dog can access fresh, clean water every time they’re outside – especially on hot days.

o   Have Some Fun: Does your dog love to swim? A simple plastic, round kid’s pool is all you need to do the trick! This will offer another alternative for your dog to cool down on hot days, or simply have some aquatic fun!

  • Think Like A Dog: This is where doing research comes in handy; every dog breed is different and will benefit from different things in their yard. Some higher energy dogs will benefit from a larger yard and you can even get creative by adding a running track for them, for example. If you do create a path or track for your pet, make sure it is composed of a concrete or stones that stay cool to the touch. For example, avoid black asphalt as this material gets very hot from the sun and can burn your dog’s paws. Other dogs are more interested in exploring their surroundings or marking their territory. For territory marking you can set up designated marking posts such as driftwood, a sandbox or even a small fire hydrant.